Bees & Wasps Control

Bees & wasps are classified in two categories- social and solitary. Social category lies in colonies and can vary in number in thousands. In social colonies, female workers do all the tasks in the nest. On the other hand, solitary category does not live in colonies. Their eggs are kept alone to be hatched.

Honey bees can sting more than once while wasps sting if threatened.

Treatment Process

Our integrated approach for bees and wasps control is effective and efficient and includes the following steps:

Inspection- After a thorough inspection, a bees & wasps control plan is designed.

Documentation & Education- Once the location is inspected, documentation is done with complete specifications and information about the bees & wasps. Also treatment methods are explained.

Finalization of Treatment Methods- There are many control methods like trapping, mechanical, physical and insecticidal treatment methods. Depending on the situation, treatment method is finalized.

Sanitation- Post treatment, the area is cleaned and sanitized so that access of suitable food for bees & wasps is limited.


Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual maintenance Contract (AMC) is suggested to commercial complexes.

Single Service Contract

It is a one-time service and is usually chosen by the residential building owners.