Termites Control

termite pest control

Termites, also known as white ants are tough, well organized, social, most persistent and destructive tiny insects, which live in large colonies. Termites are mostly pale brown to white. There are three casts:

• Reproductive
• Workers
• Soldiers

Division of Termites

• Subterranean or Ground Nesting Termites
• Non Subterranean or Wood Nesting Termites

The subterranean termites are most destructive and are mainly responsible for the damage caused in buildings. Termites attack buildings through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundation, floors and walls causing severe damage to human habitat and property by destroying furniture; wooden frame works doors windows, beams paper or anything that has cellulose base.

Pre-Construction Treatment

Application during construction will be a multi-phased affair that has to be co- ordinated closely with the builders. Treatment is done for the sides & bottom surface of the foundation trenches and is treated with chemical emulsion.

The plinth area within the wall also be treated .Small holes will be made at regular intervals in each wall length wise & width wise and same will be filled with chemical emulsion and closed finally. This chemical will spread inside the walls & grounds and will make the chemical barrier to prevent the entry for white ants inside premises. Finally, the earth around the external perimeter of the building will be treated to prevent the reinjection of the white ants from outside.

Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

In this method, holes of 12 mm diameter 18-20 inches apart will be drilled along the junction of wall and floor at depth of 6” on the entire ground and 4 on the first floor premises. Termiticide solution is used into these holes to create barrier against termites.

Treatment to Wooden Fixtures

Holes of 12 mm diameter will be drilled at the base of wooden –fixtures, frames and door frames adjoining the flooring and termiticide solution will be injected. An oil-based termiticide will be sprayed on all the wood work infested. Special care will be taken in case furniture attached to the walls as the termites can easily attack them.


Pre-Construction: Terminatorz pest control offers 5 years warranty for the entire structure and building.
• Terminatorz pest control provide 1 year annual maintenance contract for building which is closed either for one side or both sides
• 5 years warranty contract is provide at a building whose all the sides are accessible for treatment