Wood Borers Control

Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larva feed extensively on the wood. Wood Borers are about 4 mm long and dark brown to black in colour. They spend their life in wood. Thus, they live in their food. The adults make tiny pin head size holes on the surface of woods before flying out. The frass or powder starts falling out from these tiny holes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture. These are internal feeders.

Powder Post Beetle is commonly called Wood Borer. They are very destructive and reduce precious wood into dust. The surface is sprayed with chemicals having petroleum base. This service is not an odourless treatment.

Wood Borer Control

Wood preservative chemical is injected into these tiny short holes with the help of syringe to kill larvae present in the woods.


For wood borers a contract of three months is generally sufficient. After initial major treatment, we come on call i.e. whenever you see powder falling again, please call us. In most cases, three months treatment is enough. If the infestation is not controlled in three months, it will be necessary to enter into one year’s contract.